Pre-Novice proficiency level: Kerry- Kindergarten

Kerry, a second-year kindergarten teacher, feels very confident in her teaching abilities. Her students show strong progress towards her Big Goal and her data shows significant student gains.




In action…
Demonstrates attempt to engage in learning experiences aligned with the root cause

In reflection…
Accurately describes a process for determining and accessing a resource or learning experience aligned with a root cause

Explains in a compelling way the importance of engaging in learning experiences aligned with a root cause

Strand 1: The quality of the resources the teacher selects and their alignment to the teacher’s needs.

Pursues resources or learning experiences that technically align with the underlying factor

Pursues credible and meaningful resources and learning experiences that align to the underlying factor

Strand 2: The teacher’s frequency of and level of independent engagement in learning opportunities.

Performs action when asked to do so

Performs action on regular occasions beyond staff-initiated formal interactions

Strand 3: The teacher’s level of engagement in the learning experience s/he pursues and his/her commitment to getting the most out of the experience.

Completes a learning experience that improves the teacher’s knowledge, skill, or mindset to some degree

Maximizes a productive learning experience and masters the pursued knowledge, skill, or mindset

For TFA Staff: Guidance for Pre-Novice and Novice Ratings

Analysis: Why did the teacher receive these ratings?

What if Kerry…

Chooses not to access or attend any professional development activities? When her evaluator asks why she is uninterested in doing so she responds, “I just don’t think it’s the best use of my time. Quite honestly I feel like I have things under control. Everything is so much smoother than last year and I’d just rather use the time improving my lesson plans or tutoring my students one-on-one or fixing up my classroom. I just feel good about how things are going so it just doesn’t really make sense to me to actively search for weaknesses. Maybe it will at some point, but it’s not what I need right now.”

All teachers can improve in some area of their teaching, regardless of how demonstrably effective they are in the classroom. Kerry's unwillingness to prioritize her own professional development indicates a lack of recognition that there will always be elements of her teaching that she can improve to benefit students.

Regardless of how successful she is in the classroom, the lack of an attempt to access meaningful learning experiences warrants a PRE-NOVICE rating.

Successfully completes C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-4 and accurately identifies differentiating plans as a key underlying root cause, which if addressed, could propel her students to even greater gains? But because of her confidence in how well things are going, she never actually follows through in accessing a meaningful experience to improve her differentiation skills and knowledge. Rather, she simply attempts a few differentiation strategies and experiments with implementation on her own.

By skipping C-5 and going directly to C-6, Kerry changes her practice but without learning anything that would change her ability to execute her technique (in this case, with differentiation).

Despite the fact that she ultimately changes course (C-6), the lack of an attempt to access meaningful learning experiences warrants a PRE-NOVICE rating.

Had ranked Pre-Novice in C-1, C-2, C-3 and/or C-4 but then successfully completed a meaningful learning experience that informed teacher improvement?

A teacher’s rank in previous CIE rows does NOT affect his or her rank in C-5. Teachers will often participate in C-5 learning experiences without having successfully completed the steps required by C-1 through C-4.