Every action matters - the large and the small

Execute effectively

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Effective execution happens in the details of our everyday work. It means we follow through on our actions, big and small, so that we are not just doing what we intend to do but are actually having the effect we intend to have. For strong teachers, effective execution means ensuring that everything we do contributes to the goal of student learning.

We see three general characteristics exhibited by strong teachers as they implement plans:


Do well what must
be done

Teachers must develop knowledge and skills that enable them to be effective executors: communication skills. management skills, pedagogical content knowledge, understanding of the community's cultural norms, etc.

Insist on seeing reality

Do students get it?

Are they engaged?

Are they meeting behavioral expectations?

Adjust course as
circumstances change

What adjustments, if any, do
you need to make to ensure that students achieve your vision of success?